Health Screening Information

Your health and safety is our main priority.  We are very excited to work with you to achieve your fitness goals.  We want to make sure that you remain injury free during this process and that you are in the appropriate class for you.

On your first visit to our studio, we’ll ask you some questions about previous injuries and any health concerns that may exist for you, as they relate to the class or workshop that you will be attending.  This will help us plan ahead and provide modifications or alternatives during your class to ensure your are moving your body in a safe manner.

Throughout the year, we’ll ask you to review the health screening questions in case things have changed and there are new concerns that may need to be addressed.

On some rare occasions,  we may need to refer you to your health care provider or Qualified Exercise Professional before we are able to work with you.  This doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to attend a class; just that someone with more knowledge needs to assess you and clear you for full or modified participation.

Certain classes may not be suitable for various stages of pregnancy.  We ask that you notify your instructor in advance, whenever possible, so that you can work together to determine whether a class is appropriate for you.

This is a requirement under our fitness and yoga certification and something that we take very seriously.

See links below for documents from the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP)