Studio Guidelines

Thank you for choosing One Fitness & Yoga! Every moment we spend together here is an opportunity to respect and appreciate yourself and each other. Here are a few guidelines to ensure that your experience here is excellent, each and every time you walk through our doors .


  • Try to arrive at least 10 minutes before class start time. If you are new to our studio, arrive 15-20 minutes prior to complete the registration process, get to know your instructor and get oriented with our facility.
  • Be respectful of class start and end times. Ensure the studio is vacated in a timely manner. Approximately 10 to 15 minutes is allotted in between classes for the next class/instructor adequate preparation time.
  • Silence or turn off cell phones (let your instructor know if you must keep yours on)
  • Listen to your BODY! Rest as needed or modify movements to fit the body you are in TODAY. Ask your instructor for alternatives.
  • Please avoid perfumes or strong scents. While we do appreciate that you smell great, others may have allergies or have adverse reactions to scented products.
  • Ensure the instructor has your full attention for the duration of the class. Avoid side conversations until after class has finished.
  • Please remove all outdoor shoes prior to entering the studio.
  • Clean mats and equipment and return to their appropriate places.
  • Our regular classes are suitable for ages 15 and older.

A certified instructor will keep you safe!
Help us out by……

Reviewing the Get Active Questionnaire:

  • Every 6 months;
  • If you’ve recently experienced an injury;
  • If there is an pain/discomfort/pressure felt in an area of your body;
  • If you are under the care of a physician or other health care provider (physio, chiropractor) and/or have been advised regarding changes to your level of physical activity;
  • If you experience any other condition that may impact your ability to participate fully and safely in an exercise or yoga class (pregnancy, medications, etc)

***Your information is kept confidential. A fully informed instructor can plan ahead and provide modifications to exercises, poses or movements in your class; allowing you to fully participate at your own level while keeping you safe at the same time***

***Not all classes are suitable for various stages of pregnancy. Whenever possible, we ask that you notify the instructor in advance so that you can work together to determine whether a class is appropriate for you***