How to register for a class, workshop or event

We are very excited to partner with Wellness Living Systems to manage our class schedule and client bookings!  We are very happy with the positive response from our clients, the ease at which you can access and book our great classes, their great app Achieve and about 100 more great built in functions.  Here’s a little about this great Canadian company…

Wellness Living was started in Toronto, Canada by two childhood friends who worked from a small home office at one of their parent’s home. They were both passionate fitness buffs and ran an outdoor boot camp and fitness internet marketing company.

As their business grew, they quickly realized that they needed software to help manage it. Their fitness studio clients were complaining that all the existing software on the market was extremely difficult to use and lacked the key features that they wanted in an all-in-one business management solution. The two set out to change all that and Wellness Living was born.

There are several ways that you can register for a class:

  1. Attend the studio in person! 
    Come down to the studio at least 15 minutes before your class is scheduled to start and your instructor will help you complete the paperwork and set you up with your own Wellness Living profile.  After that, registering for a class is a breeze.  You can always register in person or use one of the online options for future classes!
  2. Access our schedule through our website.
    Look under the heading, Our Great Classes, to see the most up to date  CLASS SCHEDULE and book right from there.  Hit the BOOK NOW button and follow the prompts to set up your online profile and you’re in!  You’ll also see a description of the class and which one of our instructors will be teaching it.
  3. Access our schedule though Facebook.
    Find the SCHEDULE heading on the left side of the page and you’ll be directed to the most up to date class schedule.  Hit the BOOK NOW button and follow the prompts to reserve your spot.
  4. Use our cool ACHIEVE APP
    For those that like the convenience of an APP at their fingertips, the ACHIEVE App is definitely the way to go!

Download the app for Apple devices by clicking this link  ITunes – Achieve App
Or through Google Play by clicking here Google Play – Achieve App