Health Screening Info


As part of our certification process, our instructors are required to ensure that all of our clients have participated in health screening prior to commencing exercise.   This process provides us with necessary and valuable information in an ongoing effort to keep you safe and make sure that our classes are the right fit for you!

Help us out in this process by reviewing the Get Active Questionnaire in the above link:

  • If it’s your first visit to our studio;
  • Every 6 months after your initial visit;
  • If you’ve recently experienced an injury or illness;
  • If there is an pain/discomfort/pressure felt in an area of your body;
  • If you are under the care of a physician or other health care provider (physiotherapist, chiropractor) and/or have been advised regarding changes to your level of physical activity;
  • If you experience any other condition that may impact your ability to participate fully and safely in an exercise or yoga class (pregnancy, change in medications)
  • On a regular basis to remind you and us of any changes in your health that your instructor may need to know.

***Your information is kept confidential. A fully informed instructor can plan ahead and provide safe modifications to exercises, poses or movements in your class; allowing you to fully participate at your own level while keeping you safe at the same time***

Should you answer YES to any of the health screening questions, the following reference document will assist in determining next steps on your way to becoming or staying active!

***Not all classes are suitable for various stages of pregnancy. Whenever possible, we ask that you notify the instructor in advance so that you can work together to determine whether a class is appropriate for you***

Review and completion of a Paramed-X for Pregnancy document will also assist in ensuring that you can remain active during your pregnancy.