Wellness Living is LIVE

We are excited to be LIVE with Wellness Living!  And we’ve noticed that some of you have already started using their wonderful ACHIEVE app to book into classes for tomorrow!

Welcome emails have been sent and we are excited to enhance your experience  with a great new software package.  Signing up for classes, workshops and events has never been easier!

If we have a current email address on file for you, a welcome email with details should be arriving to your inbox very soon.  If not, just let us know on your next visit and we’ll get you updated and on the way to booking classes and managing your schedule with ease.

We hope you enjoy the fresh new look of our website!

Our pricing options have also been updated and simplified as well to 3 main options for both senior/student and adults:
– Drop in/Single class rate (least commitment, most flexible and most expensive option)
– Punch Card (more commitment, flexibility to pre-register or drop-in and less expensive)
– Pre-registered Pass (most commitment, must pre-register and cancel within a pre-determined time, least expensive option)

Watch for a Monthly Unlimited option to arrive in March/April!

See the Pricing Tab for specifics CLICK HERE!