Wellness Living is LIVE

We are excited to be LIVE with Wellness Living!  And we’ve noticed that some of you have already started using their wonderful ACHIEVE app to book into classes for tomorrow!

Welcome emails have been sent and we are excited to enhance your experience  with a great new software package.  Signing up for classes, workshops and events has never been easier!

If we have a current email address on file for you, a welcome email with details should be arriving to your inbox very soon.  If not, just let us know on your next visit and we’ll get you updated and on the way to booking classes and managing your schedule with ease.

We hope you enjoy the fresh new look of our website!

Our pricing options have also been updated and simplified as well to 3 main options for both senior/student and adults:
– Drop in/Single class rate (least commitment, most flexible and most expensive option)
– Punch Card (more commitment, flexibility to pre-register or drop-in and less expensive)
– Pre-registered Pass (most commitment, must pre-register and cancel within a pre-determined time, least expensive option)

Watch for a Monthly Unlimited option to arrive in March/April!

See the Pricing Tab for specifics CLICK HERE!

One Fitness & Yoga partners with Wellness Living!

We are excited to announce that Wellness Living and the Achieve app will be your one stop shop for studio class registrations, workshop and event enrollments!

Effective February 12, 2018, One Fitness & Yoga will go live with our new studio management software, Wellness Living!

What does this mean for you?

  • Simplified and user friendly process to sign up for all your favorite classes, workshops and events!
  • An easy to use Achieve app that works with IOS and Android
  • Software that constantly adapts, improves and changes to ensure that your Wellness Living experience is efficient and intuitive
  • Less time spent navigating through multiple screens and confusing processes just to register for your class or event
  • Customizable notification settings so you never miss a class
  • More control so you can self-register and cancel your bookings within an established time frame
  • Updated pricing options that make sense and fit your schedule, lifestyle and budget
  • Built in incentive program to earn points towards free classes and more!


What happens now?  What do I have to do?

Well, not much really.  The software migration is happening as we speak by our amazing On boarding Team at Wellness Living!  All of your existing registration information, preregistered classes, workshops, events, punch cards and account credits will transfer over.  And in the event that they don’t….we can still access the previous information on the old system to fix that up!

What doesn’t transfer over?  A few minor pieces of data that the studio doesn’t really need anyway AND any stored credit card information.

So, if you do usually pay with a credit card, we’ll just need to update that information the next time you pay for a class or buy a punch card.  No big deal!

If we have an updated email address for you, you will get a notification from Wellness Living on our GO Live date of February 12, 2018 to introduce you to the new software.  If you previously used an app or created an online profile, you will get instructions on how to log in and update some of your information yourself.  Otherwise, we’ll look after it at one of your next visits to the studio.


Why are we making this change?

At One Fitness & Yoga, we want every part of your experience to be positive!  We know that our instructors are great, that you love our little space and that our class, event and workshops are awesome.  But we noticed that the administrative side could be improved upon, notably, our booking system.  Both clients and instructors weren’t having the experience that would have hoped for.  Feedback from clients was that the process was confusing and there were too many steps to do a simple thing.  Instructors were finding that more time was being spent on a computer and less time interacting with their clients before and after class. WHAT???????  That just won’t do!  So after several months of research and demonstrations, we decided that Wellness Living checked all the boxes for what our studio needed from a client, instructor and owner perspective.  Software that fits us, and not the other way around!

We hope to make this a seamless transition for our clients.  With this upgrade, will also come a simplified pricing structure and an updated registration and health screening form.  Stay tuned for more details on all of the exciting changes!



Integrated Rewards Program now available!

As of February 2018, we will be phasing out our Perkville Rewards program.

Now this might sound like sad news, but it’s actually great news!

On February 12, 2018 we will be moving over to a brand new booking software, Wellness Living!

With this move comes a built in rewards system. No more will you, or us, have to track and redeem your points in a separate system.

What about all my Perkville Points??  No worries, they will be transferred over to Wellness Living during our data migration process.  This may take a little time to do, but the efficiency and improved functionality will be worth the wait!

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting features of Wellness Living.

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Gift Certificates for any Occassion

Not sure what to purchase for a birthday or any other special occasion. You can purchase Gift Certificates on line, come to One Fitness and Yoga or ask one of our Instructors.

Office hour are 12:00 to 4:00 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

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Welcome to One Fitness & Yoga!

Welcome to One Fitness & Yoga online. Come on in and make yourself comfortable.  We know you have lots of choices when it comes to both facilities and instructors as you partake on your wellness journey so we will do our best to make your experience with us the best that is can be!

We are very excited that you are here! We offer a wide assortment of fitness and yoga classes to assist you in improving your health and fitness levels.  Our certified, knowledgeable and energetic instructors work with clients of all ages.  We’re sure that our comprehensive schedule has something for every Body, age and budget!

On our site, you can meet our team of instructors and check out all the we have to offer in the world of group classes, special events and workshops!

Please feel free to comment on our posts and email us with any feedback, questions and suggestions!сопровождение сайта этоузнать прботы для вконтакте бесплатновзлом одноклассников онлайнкредитные карты оформить онлайн заявку в украинеcasino siteleri